The work in class

December 2017 dd56mp This is our Edmodo class code. Here it is possible to find all the researches and presentation, articles and sites prepared in group work for our project. the-regional-park-of-campo-dei-fiori the-schiranna-and-surroundings flyer-campo-dei-fiori sacro-monte the-surroundings-of-varese... Continua »
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The organisation of the work package in classes

November 2017 I began thinking about the work in classes and also how to involve families in our project, both to widespread our aims and and goal as well as to find host families for the first students mobility. It was a hard job follow the normal activities in my... Continua »
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Coordination by whatsapp group

October 2017 We decided to create two different WhatsApp groups, to make our communication easier and immediate. the first one was formed only by the Spanish and Romanian headmistresses and the italian coordinator. the second one was open to all those teacher that gave their disponibili in participating to the... Continua »
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MATHS TUTORIAL Videos made by our students explaining Maths issues. Another way of exploring the use of new technologies in... Continua »
giugno 25, 2017


The English Department work hard every year for our students to improve their writing abilities. We have collected the best compositions in 4th ESO this year and made them into the form of a real... Continua »