The Project

The Project

The project is a response to the growing demand for new and more effective tools for teaching. The project aims to develop and share, at European level, a better knowledge in a comparative perspective of the transnational state of art in the application of the concepts and methodologies of teaching through projects based on ITC in the specific working environment. We will proceed in steps, and precisely:

– Collection of the narrative case stories in the database of the project

– Define and propose a common European profile of competences and skills for the professionals

– Develop a multidisciplinary e-Learning based training packages aimed at “teaching through projects” based on ICT methodology to

the different professionals working in all the fields that affect and are affected.

The project also means to identify the best European strategies to prevent and combat the early school leaving by increasing motivation through “teaching by projects. It is based on a bottom-up approach for a transnational sharing of new dynamics that could be created innovating our teaching approach, integrating in a more and more completed ways TIC in our methodology.

The aims of the project are:

  • to identify best practices in the field of innovative education in the digital era.
  • to develop a training programme for professionals of the schools, offering practical tools for implementation of didactical pathways and training consistent with the methodology of the project
  • to collect experiences and narration of innovative methodological approaches reports
  • to prepare our students to face the challenge that modern world present in the field of language, literacy, numeracy and in information and communication technologies (ICT).ICT competence is an essential foundation for learning, and learning to learn supports all learning activities. We want to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, initiative, problem-solving, risk assessment, decision-taking, and constructive management of feelings play a role

Our needs are:

  1. Management of early school leaving by a better, more efficient and innovating teaching
  2. Approaches based on digital tools
  3. Implementation of ITC in teaching
  4. Integrated management of the more and more internationalisation of the school
  5. Implementation of teachers competences in new didactical approaches about TIC
  6. Implementation of the staff competences in fully-integrated management
  7. a higher integration of the school in the European dimension
  8. a better motivation of students in the study of foreign languages
  9. Implementation of the quality of foreign languages teaching
  10. A better inclusion of bes

The cultural reciprocity among countries and people can create a functional attitude towards comparison, stressing a sense of common humanity and increasing the individual sense of belonging to Europe by a clear language, which is universally acceptable. This expresses the multifunctional character of this project